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CT100 Series Universal Open Loop Vector Inverter    

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  • Various optional power:0.75~1250kW,customization acceptable.
  • Three control modes:V/F control,sensorless vector control,torque control
  • Various frequency setting methods:analog quantity control,high-speed pulse setting,multi-step speed setting, PID setting, 485 communication setting.
  • Leading international open loop vector control algorithm,large low frequency torque and rapid torque response.
  • The CT100 inverters of 18.5kW~37kW have a built-in DC reactor which can  avoid the rectifier circuit damage caused by the sudden change of the grid voltage or the harmonics of phase control load.
  • The CT100 inverters of 37kW (including) and below are equipped with built-in braking units to consume the feedback energy during braking
  • Equipped with intelligent expansion port which supports the simultaneous access to two expansion cards to meet the needs of industry special  control.
  • Accurate and reliable speed tracking allows rotating machinery to be started smoothly and without any shocks.
  • Parameter backup can be set and it is convenient for users to backup,debug and recover parameter.
  • Great voltage&current control function effectively ensures that the output current and bus voltage stay normal, which makes the machine running more stable.
  • Independent duct design for stronger environmental adaptability.
  • Offering a variety of fault protection functions: over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, phase-failure, overload, etc.


       CT100 Manual Download: Series Manual.pdf







Figure 1 CT100-4T-11G/15P and below power


Figure 2 CT100-4T-15G/18.5P and above power





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