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CT112 Series Solar Pump Inverter    

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 Ø  Apply to all kinds of single phase or 3 phase AC induction motor.
 Ø  Equipped with TI DSP digital control technique and Infineon IGBT power integration module design.
 Ø  Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm for dynamic VI.MPPT efficiency can be 99%.             
 Ø  Fast response speed and good stability.          
 Ø  AC and DC input available,but do not use DC and AC at the same time.
 Ø  Remote control,support RS485 protocol.
 Ø  Automatic sleep&awake function:
     1) auto sleep and awake according to the high and low water level in the tank respectively.
     2) auto sleep and awake according to the weak and strong sunlight respectively.
    Ø  Full protections:overload,over-current,over-voltage,under-voltage,short circuit,dry pumping etc.
    Ø  PV reversed connection protection.



Widely applied in agriculture and forestry irrigation, desert control, solar pasture irrigation, grassland animal husbandry, urban water supply and other landscapes.



 CT112 Series Solar Pump Inverter User Series Manual.pdf





Figure 1 Dimensions(11kW and below)


Figure 2 Dimensions(15KW~132KW)

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